Property Management


Leveraging the latest technology to maximize investment efficieny.

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Office, Multi-Family and Retail Properties

The successful management of our clients real estate assets is our number one goal.  It does not matter how good a deal you negotiate if the asset is not managed up to its fullest potential.  With our years of experience we have the vendors in place to take care of any of the myriad of problems that can and will occur during the ownership period.  Successful real estate investing relies on the best asset management possible.

Industrial and warehouse Opportunities

Our company has developed a unique fee system based on our management philosophy.  We believe that the fee to manage our clients real estate asset should be based on the Net Income produce from the property not the Gross Rent.  This way the owner, as well as our company, benefits from cutting costs and running the property as efficient as possible.  A Gross Rent  based fee system does not give the management company any incentive to put more money into the owners hands by cutting costs.  We believe this leads to inefficiently managed properties.  Our Net Income based management fee system is the best way to keep the owners and managers on the same team and working for the future.

Troubled Assets

Sometimes the best investments are properties that need some care and rehabilitation.  Our contacts in the construction world give us the tools to successfully rehabilitate any investment property giving the owner the best return possible.  Once the property is restored to its highest and best use we can either manage it for long term income or market it for sale to realize the highest return.  No project is too far gone to be rehabilitated. 


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