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How We Work

investment philosophy

Investing in Real Estate is a life changing decision that should not be entered into lightly.  Our main purpose here at Six Points Real Estate is to educate people on the many benefits of owning income producing real estate and to help them navigate the numerous problems that may arise.   Our clients come from a broad spectrum of experience and financial capabilities.  Some can afford to purchase the entire investment.  Others cannot, or choose not to, and require partners.  We offer a system that lets our clients become part owners in an investment property and still receive all the benefits of ownership.  We also have the tools available to help our clients invest 401K's and IRA's into investment real estate properties.  You no longer have to wait to invest in income producing real estate.

The company's investment philosophy is to provide our clients with the best possible investment strategy no matter the location.  We present opportunities that will produce the best returns, not just the local inventory.  By looking across the Nation we can invest in the best properties while giving our clients geographic diversification creating stable, highly profitable investments.


Once the target investment has been identified and purchased the ownership phase begins.  In order to provide the safest investment, one that will not expose our clients other assets, we set up an ownership entity designed for protection.  Most of the time this is in the form of a Limited Liability Corporation, LLC, but other times it may demand a different approach.  Working with our colleagues in the legal world we protect our clients interests to the fullest of our capabilities.

Six Points handles all aspects of the ownership phase for our clients with our asset management systems and protocols.  We take care of the day to day aspects of property ownership enabling our clients peace of mind and letting them focus on the future.  With twenty years in the property and asset management industry we can solve any problem that arises with the investment property, making it as efficiently run as possible.

Exit strategy

By constantly analyzing the market we can anticipate when a possible exit is in order.  With full two way communication with our clients we, as a team, decide when to exit based on what's best for the owners - either through pre-determined investment goals or market conditions.  It is our job to help our clients with this decision not lead them.  Once the decision to exit has been made we will market the property internationally to gain as much market exposure as possible and procuring the best deal for the sale.

“Don't wait to buy real estate.  Buy real estate and wait.”

Will Rodgers  |  Actor

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Active Investment Opportunities


Map depicting the average Capitalization Rate by state.

  • The Capitalization Rate, (Cap Rate) is an easy way to determine a properties value.  It is the ratio between the purchase price vs. the income produced.  The higher the Cap Rate the more income will be delivered to you monthly.
  • The higher the Cap Rate the darker the color.  Notice as you move East across the Nation the colors are becoming darker.  This means Cap Rate's are higher on averagein those parts of the country. 

2017 - 2022


Not only does income producing properties deliver monthly income in the form of rent but the property itself increases in value due to appreciation.  Below is a graph illustrating the growth for an average holding term of five-years.

  • Based on an initial $1,000,000.00 investment.


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